Aparna ji (Guruji) has changed my life and its perspective, she has her own style to train you for life! my personality after her kathak classes has changed. it has helped me evolve as an individual, to discover the I in me!

Dr. Sunita Chowdhary

Kala Saadhna played a very big role in my spiritual base, insight into the scriptures in Hinduism and my all-round personality development. "I am extremely happy that Kala Saadhna is opening its doors beyond teaching. our Guru has always encouraged our originality and valued our inputs. This has helped us develop creativity and better understanding of the art. I always felt the spiritual connection while dancing to her choreographies and feel the dance as an offering to God. It is soulful to experience such good qualitative art form and divinity all at once. On Kala Saadhna completing 19th year , I would like to thank Aparna Ji for being such a wonderful guru and for her service to this art form."

Diksha Yadav , Physics Professor

There really isn’t a term for a Guru in American society. There are spiritual leaders, life coaches, master teachers, master performers, and great artists, but no term for those that may encompass all of these purposes into one. Aparna Ji, is such a guru. She is someone who has brought perfection to her art and life through dedication and willpower and inspires the world to do the same.

Priya Sachdev , Student (USA)

Kala Saadhna is a temple of arts with authentic learning. All the gurus here are dedicated and give their personal best in grooming each student. The learning & activity classes designed by Aparna Ji for especially abled students is a magical experience when she along with her team communicates to them in a language of love, empathy and emotions! Kala Saadhna is an organisation dedicated to welfare of society from an individual to the mass level.

Whoever you are, where ever you are in life… they have something for you! Three Cheers to the team!

Satyam Prakash, Engineer

I have known Aparna ji for nearly a decade and half as an Artist and as a teacher (initially just a teacher, but later disovered a guru in her). First met her at IIT delhi when she used to come with her team to train us in Kathak. We were a bunch of 17 students (diff hostels), who would initially would wait the whole week just to see and hear her talking! but later she over took that emotion by her personality knowledge and talent!

Having an art background, she could blend our theorems, formulas and science in kathak and teach us both – our complicated physics, chemistry and difficult codes along with kathak! It was not just surprising, but life changing. We learned how to look at things from different perspective and think out of the box. Writing this today after, I met her again in London in Dec 2016, when she was here for an event, “ Didi , I owe you who I am today” please continue to be who you are to make people like who I am !

Ravi Upadhyay , Analyst

Apart from getting the best training in Classical singing at Kala Saadhna from my gurus, I’ve realised the comfort of being yourself and definition of being happy! at Kala Saadhna I learned to express myself by singing , and sing for the sheer joy of singing and shedding all my inhibitions ! Kudos to the entire team – Specially Aparna Ji – whose Mere presence has some Godly vibes at the centre

Suchit Sinha. CEO, FMCG

It was God’s own plan that I joined Kala Saadhna . Joined Kathak ( for HIM) classes along with tabla . coming from a finance Background , I have started looking at numbers in different values! Aparna ji , just too creative to ‘re-create’ any body’s world. Completely in Awe with Guruji , and my tabla teacher who adds fun to the learning process!

Jayant Kadge, Chartered Accountant

Thank you Tiwari Sir , for your dedication and patience in teaching my child for the creative arts & painting . My daughter enjoys the class very much and her talent is being groomed.

Mrs. Jiya Patel , Ayesha’s Mother

My second home !

Ashmita Vala, Student

Shannon looks forward to guitar each week. She has grown in confidence since she started lessons in January. Seeing her enthusiasm and smile as she practices her lessons at home, makes my day. Shannon says: “I love Guitar because it’s fun. I love my teacher and friends.”

When I first joined Kala Saadhna, i was excited yet scared. But Your (Shweta Miss ) beautiful smile is there to make me feel relaxed. You have your own way of teaching young minds. You put smiles on our faces, With class and grace. Thanks a lot for teaching me!

Nachiket , Your student

Chinmay sir is so kind and dedicated. I wonder of my child’s improvement, which is quite fast. The teacher teaches the way which makes the children attracted and interested to love and learn dance. His appreciation to the child worth a lot. The tabla class is once a week only, but I can see the influence throughout the week – he practices every day! which shows his interest. Credit goes to you sir.! Thank you, sir. To be in short.

Mrs. Radha Goswami, Shankar’s Mother