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Kala Saadhna – Indian Art & Culture Centre (KSIACC), takes various initiatives for the betterment of society. As an institution we not just promote the Indian culture & art , but through regular training programs , workshops & stage productions , we try to address all the human challenges that we all face as a society , individual , corporate , or institution. Using dance & music as a mode of communication, we discuss & highlight challenges and disabilities such as – personal, professional, educational, emotional, moral, social… and many more related issues that surrounds our existence. The purpose is to aware, raise and allow each other and ourselves to resolve them.

We create a platform through our workshops, events & stage performances to address the hard-hitting issues in an entertaining yet educative manner, leaving the audiences mesmerised with a deep introspection. We work hand in hand with Shivaakriti Foundation ( , following their vision & mission to promote & glorify Indian Art forms, Classical dance, music &Indian Culture – to the modern society, to develop skillset in youth, to impower woman, to introduce richness of Indian culture in children & make it available to lesser privileged as a self-development & career option.

For an aware society, to engage the youth towards a positive & productive direction, bring engagement, employment & confidence to the lesser privileged women & children. By actively participating in various projects & initiatives taken by Foundation, KSIACC is taking massive effort to creatively contribute in shaping & securing the Indian values within the modern society. Various stage production works, workshops & training programs are supported by KSIACC to promote the vision & mission of Shivaakriti Foundation.

Project Supported & executed BY Kala Saadhna in association with Shivaakriti Foundation

“SU-SANSKRIT” – Degree & Certification Course In Indian Classical Dance, Music & Fine Arts.

In association with Shivaakriti foundation, we run a unique program “Susanskrit – education through dance”, to – Promote Classical dance music amongst the lesser privileged youth women & children Empower them with skill sets along with a degree (approved by Gov of India) for a nice career.Personality development and confidence building through Dance & music. Revitalisation of gov & NGO run schools – for lesser privileged with an idea to provide systematic training of Indian classical dance & music as part of education.

We train & groom college students, specially youth – who are directionless – in terms of academic interest and related career, resulting into idleness, absentees’ & dropouts. The program adopted not only included sensitizing the community at a large but also sought to make “Susanskrit – education through dance” become a platform for the community to make a difference. Trying to keep the youth rooted to Indian tradition & Customs through imparting academic training & degree courses in classical dance & music – under the Guru Shiyshya parampara. In year 2016-17 we have successfully trained 1500 students in Maharashtra, which has grown upto 3000 students in 2019.

“Kshamta” – Differently Abled

We try to groom the differently abled through Classical dance, music and art activities, identifying their special unique abilities. Project Kshamta has been conceived and carefully designed by Kathak Guru Aparna Mishra to engage the specially abled people in a positive direction through learning & engaging activities to bring happiness , confidence & feeling of existence.

“Sa-Shakt” – The Empowered

Driven by the concern for the women & her powers we introduced this project where we support these women by being a part of their big dreams and help them make true with our humble efforts.

Every woman from all socio-economic background, holds a secret dream in heart to be someone, to do something, to be somewhere. She carries out all roles she is expected to fulfil as a woman but still deep down, without consciously realising she live those dreams. We strongly believe, SHE is completely empowered with her existing equation, she doesn't need to fight for it. We take humble effort to engage such women to realise their dream side by side along with their various roles and duties of life.

“Kaushal” – Skill Development

Under this program, we conduct workshops related to various skills with a prime focus on personality development & confidence building. Through training & participation in dance, music, stage performance , event management , painting , creative productions , we try to expose the lesser privilidged youth & children , realising their talent and exploring the world of various possibilities !

Our Yearly calendar – to promote Indian art and culture

Every year we design the new year calendar which reaches to a massive crowd globally from celebrities to Indian art Lovers ! Our theme, content & visuals are designed to educate & promote the Ethos of Indian Classical Dance, Music, Art, Culture , Festivals and celebrate the colourful India with global audience !

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Stage Production

In association with ‘Shivaakriti Creation’ (an Event & Production company) and ‘Shivaakriti Foundation’ we design stage productions to promote the vision and mission of Shivaakriti Foundation. Kala Saadhna Students, Impanelled Artistes & teachers along with Team members of Shivaakriti foundation Perform in these stage productions which are conceptualised by Wellbeing & Kathak Guru Aparna Mishra. These concept based events are not just entertaining , however has a high human and moral value as it attempts to address the social , personal and various other human concerns!

Through these stage productions Aparna try to present art as a complete stimulation of all the senses through integrating – dance, music , expression , story , modern technology, props & effects in a perfect sync , creating a grandeur that leaves an indelible impression !

Kathak for Him - “PURUSHARTH”

It was the first part of the tri series “Aparna Mishra’s Kathak Trilogy” , which Premiered on June 19th, 2016 at the National Centre of Performing Arts , Mumbai

It’s a 90 min event blended with workshop, performance & audience participation. Social & gender-based taboos, science & quantum physics & mythological concepts were discussed through creative talk & Dance performances

The event was very much appreciated by the audience, Media & Critics.

“A,Pavitra” – Restoration Of Ganga & Nature

Ganga apart having high mythological values, also holds a great significance in the ecological system. We have taken her so for granted!

“A,pavitra” It’s an entertaining awareness stage production that helps the audience realise our habits. In the greed of wanting more, we have taken her for granted, and have forgotten the powers nature have. If she can accommodate us to live on this planet, she can get destructive as well. This stage production (released in 2016 at the NCPA, Mumbai) takes the audience to a journey of realisation of the powers that nature holds!

Viklang – The Hanuman Tandava !

As name goes , this act talks about various disabilities that we have – as a society & individuals, in our relations, emotions, mind & body ,We can easily address and react to the physical disabilities – a life time passes by and we never realise those disabilities which we can’t see with physical eyes . We not quite affected by those abstract disabilities & never feel a need to address, react or rectify them. We tend to settle well with those disabilities and let them be a part of the incomplete you.

The act takes an inner tour – to figure out those disabilities and a way to rectify them – and taste the life and its miracles that God has given us. Let’s imagine a complete able self!

This presentation has been performed in India and abroad collecting many awards and standing ovation. Our most power packed performance that we are proud of!

The Evil – Addictions

An educative & spell binding stage production that showcases the strength of sub conscious mind, love & positive attitude towards fighting against addictions! An anti-drug & narcotic prevention campaign