Kala Saadhna Indian Art & Culture Centre

“ Kala Saadhna – Indian art & Culture Centre” established in 2000, by our founder President Aparna Mishra with a goal to promote the Indian classical dance form “ Kathak . Later her vision added new dimensions to her goals which expanded Kala Saadhna into a centre of various Indian art forms and a centre of promoting the plethora of Indian culture.Apart other wellbeing & lifestyle courses , Kala Saadhna conducts a professional 7 year diploma certification courses in various Indian art forms through a team of skilled and certified trainers , under the guidance and supervision of Guru Aparna who adheres and promotes the “Guru Shirshya Parampara” .

Kala Saadhna is affiliated to the “Pracheen Kala Kendra” based in Chandigarh. Diplomas of Sangeet Bhaskar and Sangeet Visharad awarded by the Kendra are equivalent to Post-Graduate and Graduate qualification in music respectively.With the best teachers & authentic training we have a track record of first divisions in which most of them have secured Distinction! Whether you are an adult looking for leisure classes, or a student embarking on classical dance for skills and professional degree, or a corporate thinking about value-based benefits for your employee or a parent realizing the positive benefits of cultural values that we can offer your child, Kala Saadhna is the place for you to find “a moment with yourself”! We welcome you to be a part of this journey!

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Do You teach Indian Classical Dance, Singing, Painting or any Musical instruments ? Join us as part time or full time teacher or you can enrol your students to appear in our annual exams for degree & certification and add recognition to your training.


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Are you a performing artist or dream to be a stage performer ? Do you Sing, Dance, Choreograph, write songs, Create Music Paint or Play musical Instruments?


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