our Core

The vision behind kalasadhana was to create a platform which serves as a catalyst to promote & elevate Indian dance, music, culture & art forms. The aim is to establish indian art forms as a profession, skill- set , career & vocation amongst the current young generation.

The purpose is to create a systematic pattern of awareness in children and reintroduce the art forms as a wellbeing and a complete fitness regime, to mid aged and adults With our innovations & techniques.

The objective is to make the heritage of Indian art & culture available in an authentic yet innovative form

As a duty towards society, though Indian dance & music - we also try to improve the social fabric with our workshops , events , production works & training programs.


Aparna Mishra - Kathak guru, wellbeing & Conscience coach is the founder president of Kala Saadhna, where she imparts professional Kathak Training. She also coaches your conscience to create an inner balance through her innovation & experience. It’s her grandmother Smt. Rama Mishra's endless support and gurus wish, that in 2000, at a tender age but with a strong vision she laid the foundation of Kala saadhna to nurture and promote kathak. Later it became a training centre for all forms of Indian classical dance & music and was renamed as “Kalasaadhna – Indian art & Culture Centre” .

She began learning Kathak at the tender age of 3 under Late Pandit Viswanath Mishra, a celebrated guru and her great grandfather who hailed from Mithila and followed the 'parampara' of Benaras Gharana. Thereafter, she continued her Kathak training under Pandit Sant Lal Jha Sumanand, completing Nritya Bhaskar (Masters, Gold Medalist) from Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh. Aparna Mishra inspires the young generation by not just promoting Kathak under the “ Guru Shishya Parampara” form but also sow spirituality and cultivate a value system through this platform. Her continuous research on Vedic scriptures, Shastras and Shlokas, intensive knowledge and practice of Ayurveda- in depth knowledge in yoga and meditation and their interpretation through dance has added to her teaching and presentations method – which defines her signature style Natya Yoga - which is a non-existent form of any dance or yoga, but an engagement of all the five senses through movements, meditation and holistic chanting and healing process leading to a spiritual detox and purification- coaching your conscience which is the perfect interpreter of life. Through “Shivaakriti Foundation“ She continues to contribute to society by educating, empowering and building confidence for the underprivileged children of the society, especially girls and women. Not just social but also as a moral responsibility she has been intensively working towards overcoming poverty, and ensuring a life of dignity and security for women and girls to build a better future for themselves through her workshops. She motivates the community to participate in the projects /events /workshops and help them to improve quality of their lives. She imparted professional kathak & Wellbeing training to more than 30,000 students through Kalasaadhna – Indian art & culture Centre .


"Under the strong guidance and influence of India's leading and well known Kathak Guru there's a driving force which is set as a team to bring all parallels to meet at the apex and carve a niche at Kala Saadhna. Let's have you come on board with us and experience what it is to be one of us."